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I will always oppose all income taxes. In light of the decreasing student enrollment in many of NH's public schools (K-12), I will work with members of the House and the Department of Education to draft recommendations for cost savings for local school districts


Mental Health

Depression. Drug use. Suicide. These horrid events are rampant in teens and young adults across America. NH is not immune. While multifactorial, the seeds are often planted during middle or high school years. With my knowledge/experience as both a pediatrician and school board president who has dealt with a major school trauma event (Franklin Regional High School Stabbing), I will work to introduce and strengthen mental health programs in public schools. Program accessibility has shown to decrease destructive personal behavior.

2nd Amendment

I am a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment. As a NRA member (55 yrs) & certified NRA firearm instructor (50 yrs), I will work to provide 'teeth' for HB 1178, which Governor Sununu just put into law. This bill forbids the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms.


School Safety

As board president at my previous public school, I (and others) dealt with the worse mass knife attack in North American history. I want to share my knowledge of prevention as well as recovery after such an adverse event.


I have been on University faculty for roughly forty years and have served eight years (two consecutive terms) as a public school board president. Public schools are given the temporary responsibility to educate and keep our children safe NOT indoctrinate them with political POVs of individual professional staff.

Veteran Memorial Service
Children in Science Class


I will work to protect New Hampshire from entry of illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes.


I was a Captain at Pease USAF base in Portsmouth in the early 1970's. I am active in the American Legion. I will work toward strengthening the NH state support for veterans.

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